the global battle in semiconductors intensifies

the global battle in semiconductors intensifies

In 2019, in Veidhoven, employees of the ASML factory are assembling a lithography machine, essential for printing semiconductors. Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie/ASML/Handout via REUTERS

DECRYPTION – The Netherlands will restrict some exports to China by summer. The companies of the country seek the parade.

The knot is tightening on Beijing and its tech industry. During the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the Dutch government confirmed its intention to limit certain exports of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China. The decision was certainly expected. At the end of January, several leaks in the American press reported a probable agreement between the United States, Japan and the Netherlands for the acceleration of measures aimed at limiting exports and thus Chinese development in the chip segment. advances.

It is nonetheless major, given the place occupied by the country with its European champion, ASML. Based in Veldhoven, in the south of the country, the group is one of the only three industrialists, with Canon and Nikon, to manufacture machines producing semiconductors with great engraving finesse – the standard meter of this industry. On certain technologies such as extreme ultraviolet lithography, ASML is even today in a situation…

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