the government integrates the hours of compulsory activities into the contract between the beneficiary and his adviser, the reformed system of sanctions

Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt during a meeting in Matignon, May 17, 2023.

The main measure relating to the conditioning of the active solidarity income (RSA) in exchange “from fifteen to twenty hours of compulsory integration activity per week” will not be listed as expected in France Labor Bill, ured Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labor, Tuesday, May 23. This activity time will appear in the contract of engagement signed between the beneficiaries and their adviser, which will allow, according to the ministry, to adapt the hourly volume in an individualized way.

“It is not at all a questioning of the principle. It just doesn’t fall under the legislative level.”ured Matignon to the Worldbefore continuing that “the bill provides, on the other hand, that the employment contract, between the beneficiary of the RSA and the organization that accompanies him, specifies the intensity of the accompaniment. »

In other words, the beneficiary and his adviser sign a ” employment contract “. It is in this contract − “which has existed since the creation of the RMI in 1988”said Mr. Dussopt that the nature of the activities (immersion and training in a company, accompanied social approach, collective workshops, etc.) and the number of hours − between fifteen and twenty − are fixed.

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Depending on the personal situations of the beneficiaries, the content of the activities will vary. “A disabled beneficiary who spends time diagnosing her health problems to find out which positions she can occupy is back to work. It comes in fifteen to twenty hours.cited the minister as an example during a press conference reported by Agence France-Presse.

The creation of a suspension before striking off

The France Travail bill would also reform the system of penalties for beneficiaries who do not respect their obligations. “Today there is pure and simple radiation (…). What we want to create [avant la radiation], it is a suspension that will always be decided by the president of the departmental council. It could last a day, a week… The advantage is [que c’est] quick to implement and quickly reversible »detailed Mr. Dussopt.

This decision unhappy ATD Fourth Worldwho believes that‘“an arbitrary suspension can only aggravate the insecurity of people living in extreme poverty and the lack of recourse [à cette allocation] “. “Out of 1.95 million RSA beneficiaries, 350,000 have no social or socio-professional follow-up”insisted Olivier Dussopt.

The minister also questioned the support that ” fishing “ : “Seven years after their first registration, 42% of RSA beneficiaries are still there, it’s a collective failure”. To remedy this, there will be “additional means”ured the Minister, recalling that the High Commissioner for Employment Thibaut Guilluy had quantified “between 2 and 2.5 billion euros cumulatively until 2027” the France Travail reform.

This will also involve the redeployment of Pôle emploi positions, “whose workforce has increased from 47,000 to 51,000 full-time equivalents (FTE) from 2017 to 2022 while the unemployment rate is now below its pre-crisis level”, recalled the minister. As a reminder, the reform of the RSA has begun to be experienced in eighteen departments and one metropolisand is part of the France Travail bill which aims to reform the entire public employment service.

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