The government shows its commitments in favor of children

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne chairs a special council of ministers, to which children and members of the government were invited, at Matignon, in Paris, on November 21, 2022.

A special Council of Ministers, to which a group of around twenty young people from child protection is invited to make proposals on several themes (school, disability, environment, health, digital, access to culture and sport), followed by an interministerial committee dedicated to children, bringing together around ten ministers and secretaries of state. And to direct the whole sequence, the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne.

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The government intends, on this Monday, November 21, the day after the International Day of the Rights of the Child, to show that “Childhood is the priority of the five-year term”, and rolling out the roadmap for each ministry in this area, whether it concerns the fight against violence and cyberbullying, guidelines for child protection, difficulties encountered by the early childhood sector , equal opportunity…

Most of these “construction sites” started under the previous five-year term. This is the case, for example, of the child protection contracting process, one of the pillars of the partnership between the State and the departments, launched in 2020 to remedy the persistent shortcomings of the sector. Ninety-seven departments have already subscribed to this pact, according to the Secretary of State for Children, which is based on financial aid from the State in exchange for commitments from the departments in favor of the young people entrusted to it. . An additional envelope, of the order of 140 million euros over two years, will be devoted to it.

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The verification of the criminal records of people working in contact with children, provided for by the law of February 7, 2022, or the best care of protected children with disabilities, recalled on this occasion, are also part of the continuity of the action taken so far.

Creation of a specialized police office

Another hot topic on which the government wants to show its voluntarism: the fight against sexual violence and incest, which affect 160,000 children each year. Here too, government action is in line with the previous mandate, during which the Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence Against Children (Ciivise) was set up, responsible for guiding public policies. on this topic.

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Two announcements were made at the end of this interministerial committee for children. The first consists in the creation of a police office specializing in dealing with violence against minors. As of January, he will be in charge of “coordinate the actions of the police and gendarmerie” and “to investigate the most serious facts”, concerning online pedocrime and (sexual) violence against children, announces Matignon. Seventy agents must devote themselves to it “term”.

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