The government trapped in its promises of food price cuts

By Ivan Letessier

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Bruno Le Maire, August 30, 2023. LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP

ANALYSIS – While the executive had promised a pullback for the start of the summer, prices are desperately stable in June, July and August.

The defense of purchasing power is a combat sport. This turns out to be more risky when inflation turns out to be more violent and more lasting than expected. It is even more so for a Liberal government determined to put an end to “whatever it takes” and “tariff shieldwho have protected the French since the start of the pandemic; a government promising at the same time, for months, that food prices, which have been rising sharply since March 2022, will quickly peak and drop rapidly.Bruno the Mayorthe Minister of the Economy, and Olivia Gregoire, in charge of Commerce, have been experiencing this bitterly for months. This winter, they had to accept the refusal of distributors to accept their plan for a government anti-inflation basket.

Certainly, most brands have agreed to create their own basket, committing to blocking for three, then six months, the prices of a thousand products. But these measures have not made it possible to stop food inflation, which is peaking…

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