the government will not validate the new social partners’ agreement as it stands

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The Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, and the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, on the benches of the National embly. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

The executive refuses to approve the measures on which unions and employers had agreed at the beginning of November.

The government will not approve as it stands the new unemployment insurance agreement resulting froman agreement reached between the social partners on November 10, providing for a decree to extend the current rules until June, we learned Monday from union sources. “The unemployment agreement will not be approved» and there will be a “joinder decree until June», indicated a union negotiator, another explaining that the executive wants to wait for the outcome of the negotiations on the employment of seniors which should start shortly.

As part of their agreement on the rules for compensation for the unemployed, the employers’ organizations and the three signatory unions (CFDT, FO, CFTC) had referred the provisions concerning compensation for seniors (in particular the reduction of the age limits for an extended duration of rights) linked to the pension reform in the future negotiation, while forecasting in advance the volume of savings to be made: 440 million euros over the period 2024- 2027.

According to Force Ouvrière negotiator Michel Beaugas, the government is waiting for negotiations on seniors “to be sure that there will be an agreement that includes the savings announced“. Matignon is due to shed light on the subject of unemployment insurance on Monday afternoon, during a briefing with the press.

The general secretary of the CFDT Marylise Léon had affirmed several times in recent days that the approval of the social partners’ agreement would be worth “government confidence in social dialogue”, seeing it as a choice “policy“.

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