the great moment of loneliness of Estelle Denis in “Estelle Midi”

VIDEO – Wednesday afternoon, live on RMC Story, the host was faced with a most unexpected technical problem and had to make an urgent decision. Explanations.

Estelle Denis made its comeback last Monday in “Estelle Midi: we are not going to lie to each other” , broadcast live Monday to Friday between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. on RMC and RMC Story. For the start of this third season, the host offers listeners and viewers the chance to win gifts contained in a chest. To do this, they must remain attentive to the progress of the program since it is only when an audible alarm sounds, and for five minutes, that registration for the game is possible by sending a surcharged SMS. The person drawn is contacted and offered to choose between a specific gift (a television) or the unknown contents of the safe (a set of gifts or just a rugby jersey from the France team).

Monday and Tuesday, the first two players took the risk of opening the RMC safe and left with the Blues tunic. On Wednesday, shortly after 2:30 p.m., Laurie de la Haute-Garonne also asked to take the contents of the safe. Only, this one never wanted to open. The electronic lock responding to a four-digit code remained blocked despite numerous attempts by the facilitator. “It smells of the jackpot because, when it’s the jersey, it never seizes up”joked Estelle Denis.

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Despite a commercial break of several minutes, the problem was not solved. “During the ad, trunk specialists came but nothing workedshe lamented. The envelope is in the trunk and I don’t know what’s inside. Even if it means being scolded by my management and by everyone, I’m going to take my freedom, in the name of Estelle Noon, to offer you the entire jackpot. » A 178 centimeter television, a sound bar, a Playstation 5 game console, an ice machine and a mini-pizza oven thus returned to the viewer. “I’m not hiding from you that I’m starting to receive a few messages, they are not very happy at RMC but it doesn’t matter”, relativized Estelle Denis with humor. “I don’t know how they will do in the shows after…” The next day, RMC’s game was back with… a new chest.

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