The Guardian removes a link to Bin Laden’s letter claiming responsibility for 9/11, which went viral

British newspaper The Guardian has removed a link to a letter attributed to Osama bin Ladenpublished in 2002, which claimed the attacks of September 11, 2001where he denounced American support for Israel and called for revenge on the Palestinian people, a text today widely used on social networks and taken out of context, in the middle of the Hamas-Israel war.

The document “was withdrawn” on Wednesday, the Guardian website now indicates in place of the text, which has gone viral in recent days on social networks, often ociated with favorable comments.

In this letter, a call to avenge the Palestinian people

“This transcript posted on our website has been widely shared on social media without the full context. We therefore decided to remove it and instead redirect our readers to the article which originally contextualized it,” says the newspaper.

In this “Letter to America”, Osama Bin Laden, killed in 2011 by an elite American unit in northern Pakistan, justified the September 11 attacks in the United States and threatened to attack again to Western interests.

This letter, which also calls for revenge on the Palestinian people, resurfaced in particular on TikTok, in the context of the conflict triggered on October 7 by the deadly attack by Hamas in Israel, which in retaliation promised to eradicate the Islamist group and is leading mive bombings in the Gaza Strip. The origin of the resurgence of the letter was ociated by several media with a video posted Tuesday on TikTok by an influencer.

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