The harvest of the winners of the Philippe Séguin Trophies 2023 revealed in Paris on Tuesday

The eleven other winners

As Ginglin Cesson (Cote d’Armor): Theater to prevent delinquency. The club has teamed up with a theater and dance troupe to offer young people a play performed in their neighborhood illustrating the utopia of success and easy money and its destructive effects. (Contact: Guy Le Coz, [email protected])
FFM La Romaine (Haute-Saône): The Schools World Cup. The club set up a school World Cup day during which each cl represented a country and took part in educational workshops between football matches. (Contact: Bertrand Normand, [email protected])
US Vandoeuvre Football (Meurthe-et-Moselle): Club house, more than a place to live, a place of education. The club has set up in its club house a very large library made mainly by the licensees, in which the members of the club and their relatives meet. (Contact: Franck Lahalle, [email protected])
Future Sainte-Barbe Oignies (Hauts-de-France Artois): U13 comic strip, mixed love of the round ball. The club produced a digital comic that was broadcast on its social networks. Its objective is to change mentalities and received ideas by highlighting women’s football. (Contact: Mathilde Desprez, [email protected])
FC Coeur de Médoc Atlantique (Gironde): Center for better living together. The club has set up a “trade café”. The club’s foyer receives elderly people to do addiction prevention with the setting up of memory workshops, discussions, gym cles… (Contact: Greg Martin, [email protected])
Victoria international Women’s Foot Mulhouse (Alsace): All champions! First 100% female club created in the neighborhood where girls did not have access to sport. The club house has been transformed, tutoring is organized and awareness workshops are set up. (Contact: Didier Boscari, [email protected])
CS Ayze (Haute-Savoie, Pays de Gex): Football, a universal language. The club has forged a partnership with refugee homes allowing foreign minors to benefit from free subscriptions, help with homework and learning French. About thirty foreign boys were able to participate in a football tournament last summer for the benefit of unaccompanied minors. (Contact: Amandine Badin, [email protected]).
USEPMM (Pyrénées-Orientales): Triangle game. The club brought together young people from the club belonging to a disadvantaged social category with Roma children living in very precarious conditions in Serbia and Montenegro. From the sending of material, exchanges take place between the children and a trip was made with the organization of a solidarity tournament. (Contact: Olivier Silbermann, [email protected])
CSK Val des Rougières (Var): Production of a short film, cans in the field. The young people of the club made an environmental-themed film to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the district. 25 young people made a short film presented at the Porquerolles Film Festival and awarded a jury prize. A clean-up day was also organised. (Contact: Nadia Benhamou, [email protected])
Lyon La Duchère (Rhône): Prevention, listening and mediation centre. The club has set up an action to raise awareness and train in the detection and fight against violence by training children and educators with the support of the ociation “Colosse aux Pieds d’Argile”. (Contact: Soundès Boujday, [email protected])
RC Chambéry (Gironde): Accommodation and work with an AMAP. The club wanted to make its members aware of better food and the short circuit by welcoming an AMAP for the distribution of packed lunches to a disadvantaged public. (Contact: Guillaume Latrille, [email protected])

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