the hilarious hazing of Camila Cabello in “The Voice” in the United States

VIDEO - NBC broadcast Monday evening the first episode of the blind auditions for season 22 of its telecrochet with, among the coaches, the great debut of the Cuban artist.

Americans have a sense of spectacle and showmanship. Like every season, the blind auditions of “The Voice” are an opportunity for coaches to show humor and imagination to attract the favor of the best talents. No room for tearful sequences on the other side of the Atlantic, telecrochet relies on competition, laughter and entertainment while respecting the artistic dimension. From the first candidate, hostilities were launched in the first seconds by the little new, Camila Cabello, who blocked neighbor Gwen Stefani to increase her chances of bringing Morgan Myles to her team. The resumption of Hallelujah of the 35-year-old singer seduced the four coaches and, after letting his colleagues speak, Blake Shelton wanted to talk "with sincerity" and in private. By pressing his buzzer, he turned off the light aimed at the other three coaches, much to their surprise.

"I didn't know we could do that"reacted Camila Cabello. "Are you going to sing him Barry White?" », added John Legend. The American country star then recounted his 17-year-old debut in Nashville and played the empathy card with the coveted talent. If he did not manage to turn off the microphones of his neighbors or to convince Morgan Myles to join his team, Blake Shelton did it again a few moments later. Seduced by the performance of Kate Kalvach on her cover of Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves, the eight-time winner of "The Voice" took it upon himself to make life difficult for Camila Cabello by managing to cut off every microphone where she tried to speak: hers, that of John Legend and even that of the talent on stage. Every time the Cuban star tried to speak, Blake Shelton pressed his buzzer and the production took care of cutting the microphone. "It's part of my contract"quipped the latter about his new toy.

In 2019, Blake Shelton had targeted Kelly Clarkson, who arrived in "The Voice" to succeed Adam Levine. When she spoke, he discreetly activated his buzzer to launch the chorus of the song don't speak (Do not talk) of the group No Doubt. Until he gets unmasked.

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