The Idol hated by critics

By Cecile Brelot



Lily-Rose Depp is Jocelyn in The Idol. HBO

NEWSPAPER – Highly anticipated, the new series by Sam Levinson embodied by Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd was not praised by the Croisette. On the contrary.

Youth idol? Unlikely. The idol of criticism? Certainly not. Monday evening was held the preview screening of the series The Idol . The creator ofEuphoria imagined the daily life of Jocelyn, a singer in her twenties known since her preteen years, played by Lily-Rose Depp. Behind the scenes of his return to the spotlight, the depressed artist leads a life as some rock legends might have told it. Sex, , and here, pop music. After his meeting with the dark and dubious club boss Tedros, brought to the screen by Abel Tesfaye alias The Weeknd.

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The critics, who were able to discover the first two episodes, suggest that the Americans and the French did not see the same fiction. The other side of the Atlantic is shocked, even ulcerated. The magazine variety , who perceives a biographical parallel with Britney Spears, considers shameful the way in which is “treaty” the character of Lily-Rose Depp.

Lily-Rose Depp saved

Sex scenes are perceived as “anti-feminists” and a sequence of masturbation with an ice cube as outrageous. In short, “a heap of clichés inspired by ”, can we read. Same story for the Time who can’t believe that fiction can ize mental illnesses like depression so much.

On the French side, we have to believe that the rise of the steps of Lily-Rose Depp and Abel Tesfaye turned out to be more sulphurous than the fiction signed by Sam Levinson. “The result is more ridiculous than sulphurous”summarizes Benjamin Puech in Le Figaro . “Sad flesh, infamous musical mush. An abyss of stupidity and vulgarity,” describe Telerama to the point of announcing not wishing to discover the rest of TheIdol. France info regrets that Sam Levinson “has pushed the indecency slider much too far and even to the point of discomfort” in reference to a scene addressing the fantasy of . “Clichés in shambles and nauseating remarks”noted Slate. “A beautiful mess, ridiculous and embarring” writes the editor of Circles Series.

Only Lily-Rose Depp’s performance received acclaim. Compared to a “Modern Day Hinny” by Le Figaro, the 23-year-old actress seems to be the only one facing this succession of criticism. The press unanimously salutes his interpretation of Jocelyn, broken idol.

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