The impact of artificial intelligence on the job market in France will be mive

By Thomas Engrand

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800,000 jobs would potentially be threatened by Artificial Intelligence. 619534038/Dusica –

DECRYPTION – Few professions will not be influenced at all by AI.

Should we worry or rejoice at the upheavals caused by the arrival of generative artificial intelligence (AI)that is to say capable of learning, in the labor market? Probably a bit of both if we are to believe the new study carried out by the strategy consulting firm Roland Berger. On the other hand, 1.4 million jobs would benefit from productivity gains “significant” in France, according to this document. On the other hand, 800,000 jobs would potentially be threatened.

In one way or the other, these figures shed light on the mive impact that will have this new technology, in full expansion, on the national labor market. Rare, in fact, will be the professions not to be influenced at all, despite very heterogeneous degrees of transformation. To give an order of magnitude, “on average a third of the total working time exercised in France would be exposed to AI”explains Laurent Benarousse, ociate manager at Roland Berger.

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If generative AI is not the first…

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