“The infiltration of our societies by criminal networks goes beyond all fiction”

Laure Beccuau, public prosecutor of Paris, at the Paris judicial court, November 8, 2022.

The national jurisdiction in charge of the fight against organized crime (Junalco) has had the mission, for nearly three years, of attacking criminal groups active on French territory, particularly linked to drug trafficking. This specialized court, placed under the aegis of the Paris public prosecutor’s office, deals with the most complex cases, where cases of corruption, money laundering and settling of scores are intertwined.

Laure Beccuau, Paris prosecutor, details for The world current issues in the fight against organized crime, the most active groups of which, she stresses, are today ” without limits “ in terms of funding, geographical projection and the use of violence.

With regard to the cases handled by Junalco, how do you characterize the threats linked to organized crime in France?

The fight against high organized crime is a current challenge, a major challenge. Today, the level of the threat is such that we detect risks of destabilization of our rule of law, of our economic model, but also of our companies, at a major strategic level. In view of the eighty-six files of Junalco, we realize that we are facing sprawling networks.

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It suffices to look at what is happening in Belgium and the Netherlands to demonstrate that the organizations we are dealing with have no limit in their financial means, no limit in their borders or in their fields of action (trafficking of drugs, human beings, prostitution networks…) as long as the profits amount to millions of euros. These organizations do not know any limit either in their own rules: to impose themselves, they no longer prohibit anything. This can be seen with the emergence of cases of settling scores, kidnappings, threats, where the degree of violence is extreme.

The Netherlands and Belgium, which you mention, are regularly shaken by violent settling of scores against a background of drug trafficking. Do you think this situation will happen again in France?

If we do not have a sufficient reaction, this contagion is announced. We know that these groups have now reached a threshold in their presence at drug entry points in France. In particular the ports, which constitute points of extreme fragility. These organizations are already projecting themselves on port and airport structures, with henchmen present on our territory.

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