The Inland Lemonade

The Inland Lemonade

Dona Leonilda Pinzetta, over 80 years old, became a widow under 40 years old. With her offspring to feed, she didn’t give up and, alongside her farming work, she started baking homemade breads and cookies to put food on the table. Currently, Leonilda and her daughter Mirza run “Padaria da Tia Mirza”, on Linha Santos Filhos, about five kilometers from the city of Anta Gorda. Typical example of making lemonade from lemon.

international meeting

Giueseppe Riesgo/disclosure/jc

Federal deputy from Rio Grande do Sul Marcel van Hattem (Novo) received in his office the vice-president of the New York Stock Exchange, John Tuttle, and the director for Latin America at the New York Stock Exchange, the Brazilian Paula Ganem. They talked about international relations, business and the importance of having a State that is increasingly independent of the government.

the ziac flower

So you’ve never heard of this flower? Not even the ziac? And the two together, “aflordizia”, ​​remember anything? It starts to make sense and then “aphrodisiac” appears.

Well, that’s the text on a plaque in a northeastern state, proclaiming the virtues of guarana juice from Amazonas. Brazil, and not infrequently the world, is full of signs or adverti*****ts with hilarious errors. In the Porto Alegre of past decades, it was rare to read “Faz-se carreto” written correctly on the sides of trucks or wagons.

There was a time when I collected these mistakes. I wrote down at least a dozen versions that went from “Faz-co carreto” to “Faz-ço carreto” passing by the “s” with the first curve of the letter to the right, inverted to an unbelievable “Fazo careto”, this one on a little truck from Garibaldi Square.

But not only the illiterate make mistakes. In restaurants, you will find various forms of “Fish à Belle Meunière”. Sometimes, the spelling is even correct, but the work as a whole is chipping.

In the mid-1970s, the photographer Maurecy Santos, Santinho, and I went to cover an event in Rosário do Sul or São Gabriel, I don’t remember exactly. When the work was over, late at night, almost dawn, hunger hit. All closed. The way out was the red light district, or simply the Zona, which the whole city had (and still has).

Cabaret, that’s what we called the clubs, there’s always a buoy. Santinho and I then looked for the best looking among the four or five houses. We found one that served the classic steak, chips, rice and egg.

But the choice was not for the food, but because it advertised an erotic show with an Argentine dancer, Conchita de Los Rios. The photo on the poster outside the cabaret showed a plump crown, as erotic as a truck tire.

The call to action was a marvel:

– Watch today the erotic show of Conchita de Los Rios!

And just below:

– Completely half naked!

By the way: the “à la minuta da casa”, as it read at the entrance, was very good.

You don’t always eat well in the Zone.

slap on the little ones

If it goes through the National Congress as it is, the tax reform intended by the Lula government (PT) will be a blow to the services sector if the IR rate goes from 15% to 25%. Most work in the PJ system and generally operate with a very narrow margin, they would not be able to pass on this cost.

the dog’s bone

When he spoke of tax reform and the advancement of rates, the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad (PT), emphasized that the rich should pay more. For the government, is “rich” someone who earns R$5,000 a month or more? In any case, the project once again shows what the columnist has recorded for 54 years in the profession: no one does renovations to lose revenue. Dog doesn’t drop bone.

the two cups

It’s like the old glass half full or glass half empty dilemma. Financial dominoes threaten to fall, but the banks unite to save the square and, in the end, save themselves. This time it is the North American First Republic Bank. The choke is big.

Throw stone in the agro I

The daily scrutiny of recent events involving severe irregularities in the hiring of outsourced workers gives the impression, due to the continuity of coverage even without new facts, that the target is not these facts and, yes, they aim to reach agribusiness as a whole.

Throw stone in agro II

It is an old strategy, the type that if the agro works and traps the man in the field, he has to be condemned. It is another defect of ours, that of overthrowing and degrading everything and everyone that succeeds and escapes mediocrity. Generalizing blame to the entire industry, they take exceptions as the rule.

agency search engine

The National System of Advertising Agencies of Rio Grande do Sul (Sinapro-RS) launched the tool for Searching Agencies in Rio Grande do Sul, a pioneer and unique tool in the State. Interested parties can search and find agencies according to their demands and interest profiles. It can be found on the entity’s website.

The Creamer’s Story

The Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers) launches on Tuesday, March 21, the first book on the complete history of the municipality, in honor of its 70 years. Written by Eliziário Goulart Rocha, it includes the main facts and names of Medicine in RS and Brazil.

There are spaces though…

It is common to find a sign “There are vacancies” in snack bars, bakeries and the like, which does not mean that they will be filled to the satisfaction. Most of those interested say they know how to do everything, but in reality they don’t know how to do anything right.

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