The insolent success of large televisions

At IFA, the largest consumer electronics fair in Berlin, television manufacturers offer ever larger screen formats. Sebastian Christoph Gollnow/dpa via Reuters Connect

In a depressed market for two years, manufacturers are betting on the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics.

You had to want it not to see them. In the spans of the IFA, the largest consumer electronics fair in Europe which closes its doors in Berlin on Tuesday, televisions lined up next to each other in ever more disproportionate formats. Screens of 75, 80, 98, even up to 120 inches by the hundreds, arousing the interest of onlookers. Nothing very surprising to see them pile up like this. Brands generally take advantage of this type of event to show what they have in store. It remains only to hear Kang-il Chung, vice president of the Korean visual display division Samsungthese models are as popular in the Berlin salon as in the consumer one. “We have a very strong demand in this market, with screens whose size does not seem to meet any limit in the minds of consumers. Our segment above 75 inches particularly works with customers”explains the Korean leader to the Figaro.

Leader for seventeen…

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