the international federation recognizes an arbitration error in favor of the Frenchman

Teddy Riner shouldn’t have won. This is what the International Judo Federation (IJF) recognizes on Wednesday May 17 in a press release, apologizing for a refereeing error committed in favor of the Frenchman during the heavyweight final at the world championships in Doha on Saturday. . Teddy Riner was thus crowned at the expense of the Russian Inal Tasoev, who was competing under a neutral flag.

The action in question took place in the golden score (the extension after the regulation four minutes of combat), where the first to score wins. If she had been taken into account, she would have offered world gold to Mr. Tasoev. “In the +100kg final, between Teddy Riner and Inal Tasoev, there was an action where neither the referee on the mat nor the IJF Refereeing Commission awarded a point. Teddy Riner’s attack was blocked and countered by Inal Tasoev. The decision was to continue the fight, without counting the counter-attack.explains the IJF in its press release.

“This type of action will be counted in the future”

But “After the competition, taking into consideration the current refereeing rules and the opinion of judo experts, we believe that a point for Tasoev’s counterattack could be awarded”she continues, before apologizing. “The IJF Arbitration Commission deeply apologizes for its decision and informs that this type of action will be counted in the future, in accordance with the rules in force”adds the federation.

During the fight, the Russian under neutral flag, arms raised and fists clenched, also thought for a moment that he had won, when Riner, on the ground, waved his finger no. The double Olympic champion (2012 and 2016) ended up winning a little later, by waza-ari.

Teddy Riner, aged 34, was thus crowned world champion for the eleventh time (nine times in + 100 kg, twice in all categories), six years after his last two titles.

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