the intersyndicale launches a site to allow opponents to challenge deputies

The boss of the CGT, Sophie Binet, last April. Francois BOUCHON / Le Figaro

The site allows you to send a message on Twitter or by email to elected officials, to encourage them to vote for the Liot group’s bill aimed at repealing the reform.

Always mobilized, opponents of pension reform are innovating again to maintain pressure on the executive. This Tuesday, the intersyndicale launches a website, baptized Until withdrawal. He recalls the next two stages of the fight against the law promulgated in April, and considers “that pension reform can still be prevented“.

First, the site recalls, June 6, a new day of strikes and demonstrations – the fourteenth, counting that of May Day – will take place. The inter-union then hopes to bring togetherhundreds of thousandsof people in the streets of France. A challenge, while the bill has been definitively adopted by Parliament, and the last mobilizations, on April 6 and 13, brought together less than 600,000 participants each.

Then, two days later, on June 8, the National embly will consider on a bill from the Liot group aimed at repealing the reform. “The deputies must respect the will of more than 7 French people out of 10 and vote for or abstain so that the bill is a majority“, underlines the website, which therefore offers Internet users to challenge their elected officials.

“Stealing two years of life”

By entering your postal code, two small boxes offer to send a message on Twitter or by email to the deputies of the territory. On the social network, a message stating “Are you going to prevent the government from imposing the pension reform» is proposed automatically, mentioning, behind, the elected officials concerned. By e-mail, a message can be sent to the deputies on their National embly address. Reform “amounts to robbing us of two years of life. Yet other financing solutions exist to guarantee high-level pensions, which the government has refused to examine.“, offers the site as a message.

This site is the latest find of the inter-union, anxious to maintain the flame of a challenge that the executive seeks at all costs to put behind him. “We have a lot of imagination and inventiveness. We must continue to mobilize“Explained the boss of the CGT, Sophie Binet, at Parisian , this Tuesday. «will allow citizens to challenge parliamentarians by email or Twitter to call on them to take their responsibilities and vote for this law“, she added.

In the past, the unions had already called on opponents several times to question their elected officials, during the parliamentary course of the reform or even after its vote. “We call on our organizations to go and meet the deputies everywhere to call on them to vote on this bill”, they wrote in early May, in a press release. The inter-union then reiterated its call a few days laterwhile asking “solemnlyto parliamentarians to support the text of the Liot group.

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