The iPhone 12 temporarily withdrawn from the French market due to too powerful waves


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The Californian giant announces that it plans to contest the conclusions of the National Frequency Agency (ANFR).

After tests carried out recently, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) observed that theiPhone 12, on sale since the end of 2020, presented an exceeding of the limit values ​​on the electromagnetic waves emitted and absorbed by the human body. It therefore decided to ban its sale in France this Tuesday. In an interview with Parisian , Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister responsible for Digital and Telecommunications, then indicates that the ANFR “has given notice Apple“. The American company must “resolve the non-compliance problem, which involves a simple software update. (And) has fifteen days to comply.» Under penalty of having to recall the products.

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“I have confidence in the company’s sense of responsibility to comply with our rules, adds the government member. My mission is to make them respected. If it does not do so, I am ready to order the recall of iPhone 12s in circulation. The rule is the same for everyone, including the digital giants.”

Concretely, the iPhone 12 exceeds by 1.74 W per kilogram (W/kg) the regulatory limit value corresponding to the energy that can be absorbed by the human body when the phone is held in the hand. Contacted by AFP, Apple ured that the iPhone 12 is certified as compliant with the standards defined around the world by numerous international organizations. The Californian giant indicated that it had provided the ANFR with the results of independent laboratory studies carried out by third parties to prove that its devices meet the standards. He plans to challenge the agency’s findings.

The ANFR regularly lowers the transmitting power of smartphones. Most of the time, following a formal notice, manufacturers plan to update their devices to avoid withdrawal from marketing. But this is a first for Apple. According to Jean-Noël Barrot, the withdrawal request could even be extended to the European market.

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