the killer drone sequence from a TV movie with Stéphane Bern mocked by Léa Salamé

In the issue of “What a time! » broadcast on Saturday evening on France 2, the journalist had fun with the finale of For the honor of a son where the character played by Stéphane Bern miraculously escapes thanks to a drone.

“We had been waiting for him for a year in “What a time!”. » Léa Salamé was delighted Saturday evening at the arrival of Stéphane Bern in his talk show on France 2. The host notably came to talk about his new career as an actor which he is pursuing within the series Bellefond a new episode of which will be broadcast next Tuesday in prime time on France 3.

Teases as usual, Léa Salamé returned to the TV movie For the honor of a son that France 3 had broadcast at the end of summer 2022 and of which the image of a Stéphane Bern brandishing a gun made him an Internet meme. It is the final sequence, also mocked on social networks, where the character played by the latter escapes miraculously thanks to the improbable intervention of a drone, which was mentioned.

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“It seems that Daniel Craig called…”

Amid general hilarity, the guests of “What a time! » discovered the famous scene from the TV movie which was followed by 3.9 million viewers on average (22.2% PDA) on August 25, 2022. “It seems that Daniel Craig called to say that in the next James Bondhe wanted that »joked Alex Vizorek. “This sequence is great, during rehearsals, we played it five times just for fun”added Léa Salamé.

“I arrive humbly, knowing my text perfectly and on time”, Stéphane Bern told us about his acting activity on the sidelines of the broadcast of For the honor of a son . “There is always this risk of an illegitimacy trial since I attended neither the Cours Florent nor the conservatory. »

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