The Kings League, Pique’s royal idea

Fancy rules

“Circus” for some (in this case Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga), ” revolution “ for others, the Kings League stands out first by its format: if we are talking about football, here at seven, the rules borrow from water polo, ice hockey, handball and tennis , with in particular temporary exclusions in the event of cardboard. Other particularities: matches last forty minutes (2 x 20) and end with a penalty shootout in the event of a tie, substitutions are unlimited and “secret weapons” (yes, as in Koh Lanta) to draw lots can change everything: goal counts double, automatic penalty, possibility of temporarily excluding an opponent. Total unpredictability.

An active mystery player (Enigma) came masked because... without the permission of his La Liga club.  (Kosmos)

An active mystery player (Enigma) came masked because… without the permission of his La Liga club. (Kosmos)

Stars and a mystery player

Every Sunday, the Kings League pits twelve teams against Barcelona, ​​all chaired by Spanish-speaking streamers like Ibai Llanos (Porcinos FC) but also Iker Casillas (1K FC) and Sergio Agüero (Kunisports). Formed during a draft open to all (more than 12,000 resumes received), the squad includes ten players plus two “wild-cards”, one permanent and the other rotating, mostly reserved for former pros. . Concretely, the presidents have the possibility of inviting each week a player of their choice to create the event. We have thus seen the former internationals Joan Capdevila, Javier Saviola, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Agüero himself put on their crampons, but also a mystery player in activity (Enigma) who came masked because … without the permission of his La Liga club.

The Kings League was thought by Pique as a spectacle.  (Kosmos)

The Kings League was thought by Pique as a spectacle. (Kosmos)

Audience cards

Thought of as a show with its three months of play-offs including until the end of March, the Kings League puts the package on the staging and seems to seduce the young audience of which it has made its target: broadcast for free on Twitch, the matches are huge audience ratings, 654,000 simultaneous spectators on average for the third day according to TVTOP España statistics (with a peak of 1.37 million). Its extras are also much commented on in the press, and Piqué will stop at nothing to boost the figures: on January 15, he landed at the wheel of a Twingo in response to yet another attack from his ex Shakira, who reproached him for having dropped his Ferrari. Sign that the bet is successful, a women’s tournament on the same model, the Queens League, is already in preparation.

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