The Kremlin commented on Hersh’s statements about the US role in undermining Nord Streams

Journalist Seymour Hersh’s information about US involvement in the Nord Stream bombing coincides with that of the Russian intelligence services. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“We don’t know what Mr. Hersh’s sources are, but in any case, basically the information he published certainly coincides with the data that our special services have,” he said.

Peskov emphasized that the United States or Great Britain were in one way or another involved in undermining the Nord Streams.

On September 26, Hersh reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden allegedly blew up the pipelines not because of a Russian special operation in Ukraine. “This was the result of fears in the White House that Germany would flinch and turn on Russian gas—and that Germany and then NATO would, for economic reasons, fall under the influence of Russia and its vast and inexpensive natural resources,” Hersh says. After the mission was completed, all papers, copies and physical evidence were destroyed, he said.

On the night of September 26, 2022, pressure dropped on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, and later two leaks were discovered, which were located in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Sweden, and two more in the EEZ of Denmark. It was then established that the pipelines were undermined; only one of the Nord Stream 2 lines survived, but it is not used for gas supplies, since Germany did not allow the pipeline to be put into operation after its construction was completed.

Already in October of the same year, Sweden announced the completion of the investigation, declaring “increased suspicions of gross sabotage,” but those responsible for the incident were never named. Russian authorities blamed Western countries for the gas pipeline explosions.

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