The Kremlin urged not to exaggerate the number of Russians who left the country

The Kremlin urged not to exaggerate the number of Russians who left the country

Some Russians easily change their place of residence, reacting “reactively” to the events taking place, they are free in their movements, but their number should not be exaggerated. This was stated by the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“If you remember, even then we said that people are leaving, people are returning, people are coming. There is such a part of the population that behaves very, very reactively against the background of certain events, easily changes its place of residence in the short or medium term. I don’t think this is a trend. Of course, there is no need to overestimate the number of these people. But there are such citizens, they are free in their movements,” he said.

Thus, the Kremlin reacted to media observations that after the unrest began in Georgia, many Russians who arrived there after the start of partial mobilization in Russia in September 2022 are now leaving the country. Peskov noted that such people, in pursuit of a better life, often do not understand “that the homeland is probably the best.” “But it is better, of course, to seek happiness on the side where there are no popular unrest and where the flags of your homeland are not burned,” he concluded.

Partial mobilization took place in Russia from September 21 to October 31, 2022. The Ministry of Defense announced plans to call up 300,000 troops, however, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, 318,000 people were mobilized, as a large number of volunteers wanted to go to the war zone. After the announcement of partial mobilization among citizens, the demand for air tickets increased sharply, and queues formed at the border ground checkpoints.

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