"The landscape of 2027 will not be that of 2022"

"To consider the post-Macron, not only is not taboo, but is even an obligation". LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP

COUNTERPOINT - What is at stake for the next presidential election is not only knowing which personalities will take their place on the starting line, but which forces will exist.

From the re-election of Jacques Chirac, in 2002, the Elysian orbit of Nicolas Sarkozy seemed obvious. On the other hand, it is only one year before the 2017 election that the ambition ofEmmanuel Macron was displayed and only two months before the ballot that his victory was considered. In terms of the presidential calendar, there is therefore no law. But never has the question been put so early on the table so explicitly.

These anticipated speculations start from a doubly unprecedented reality. After two successive mandates, the departures of François Mitterrand, 78, and Jacques Chirac, 74, both ill, were obvious; not an obligation. In everyone's mind as soon as they were re-elected, their succession was mentioned in a partly allusive way. Emmanuel Macron, he, because of the constitutional revision of Nicolas Sarkozy, is unable to represent himself; this will be the first time in the history of the Ve Republic. Considering post-Macron, not only…

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