The landslide in Savoie more serious than expected, the railways remain closed “for an indefinite period”

The railway infrastructure is affected, with a lot of damage on the tracks. The closure of the line could last several weeks.

The volume of the landslide that occurred on Sunday in the Maurienne valley, in Savoie, leading to a suspension of rail traffic and road disruptionsis of atens of thousands of cubic meters“, is much more important than indicated at the start, the prefecture said on Tuesday. “Initially, we told you 700 m3. Today, we are able to tell you that about ten thousand cubic meters fell on Sunday“Said Laurence Tur, secretary general of the prefecture of Savoie, during a press briefing in Modane. The estimates were made from footage shot Monday by drones, she said.

We did not expect such a volume at all. Ten thousand cubic meters is a rare event“said David Binet, head of the ONF’s mountain land restoration agency (RTM). “It’s still active, this morning (Tuesday) another 10 m3 have fallenfrom the cliff, he added. “This is another sign of activity that raises questions about what to do next.“, he said, specifying that he “still remains today on the head of the cliff about 3000 m3 unstable“.

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No damage on the A43 motorway

Asked about a possible link with global warming, he said that “we are of course on a basic geological phenomenon with slow evolutions. It would have fallen one day or another“. “It was mainly the rain that was a triggerafter the drought, he said. Three infrastructures were affected by the landslide. The A43 motorway,least exposed“, n / A “not suffered damage to the work a priori” but will not reopen before the conduct of new expertise Thursday, according to him.

But given the disturbances, heavy goods vehicles are invited while waiting to cross the Franco-Italian border through Ventimiglia, according to Laurence Tur. In addition, a postponement of the heavy works planned from next week until December 18 at the Mont-Blanc tunnel is “a hypothesis on the table“, did she say.

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Setting up an operational PC

For its part, the railway infrastructureis affected“, with “a lot of damageson the tracks, signaling and galleries, indicated Béatrice Leloup, territorial director of SNCF Réseaux, specifying thatdiagnoses were in progress”. Traffic between Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne and Modane is interrupted for an indefinite period and certainly for several weeks“, did she say.

As for the departmental 1006, which serves the valley, it will remain closed “several weeks given the extent of the landslideand the work that will have to be carried out there, said Jean-Philippe Laplanche, director of infrastructure for Savoie. An operational PC has been set up near the site and convoys are being organized to ensure the supply and transport of the inhabitants of the bottom of the valley, particularly affected by the disturbances, according to the prefecture.

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