“The Last of Us”: what do fans think of the end of season 1?

“The Last of Us”: what do fans think of the end of season 1?

Forty-three short minutes. The ninth and final episode of the first season of “The Last Of us”, available since Monday March 13 on Prime Video, is also the shortest. This caused some frustration: “Forty-three minutes is far too little, knowing that we will have to wait a while for season 2”, regrets Séléna, 21, on Twitter. However, this period of time is particularly well filled with a lot of action and emotion.

The actress Bella Ramsey, who lends her features to the heroine Ellie, had warned upstream that the end would “divide people”. We especially think of the choice made by Joel to save her, thus depriving humanity of a possible remedy for the spread of the killer fungus that is decimating it. “I admit that I didn’t see it coming at all,” says Caroline, a 40-year-old self-entrepreneur. Like I never played in the video game, I didn’t know what to expect. In fact, I found that very strong in the staging, there is a shift in the character of Joel who is very dark. What bothered me the most was that he openly lies to Ellie at the end. »

“Humanity can be even worse than zombies”

“In this last episode as in the rest of the series, we feel a lot of emotions, especially all of Joel’s love for Ellie. He lies to her to keep her with him, ”analyzes Séléna. Charles, 35, is also understanding of the hero: “Joel has opened up to Ellie and he can’t bring himself to lose her, like he lost his daughter. In the end, he hides the truth from her, but somehow it’s to protect her. »

On the other hand, this data engineer, who had played the video game before seeing the series, does not understand the criticisms of those who regret the lack of infected – the zombies – on the screen. “In the game, the zombie part just serves to give a backstory to the story, so that the characters are put under pressure. What fiction does show is that humanity can be even worse than zombies. »

Same feeling for Loik, 21 years old and salesman in a toy store, also a fan of video games. He draws a positive balance sheet: “From the first parts, I was amazed by the respect for the original material. Then came episode 3 which surprised everyone, but which summarized basically what was The Last Of Us. Then, to be honest, there was a soft underbelly. The last part seemed a little fast to me, but at least we go straight to the point, the actors are wonderful, the chemistry between Joel and Ellie bursts the screen. »

What is certain is that all these fans will be there for season 2, which is currently only being written.

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