the latest installment in the Zelda saga is finally available

Highly anticipated, “Tears of the Kingdom” has been on sale since this Friday. Something to delight the legions of fans of the adventures imagined by Nintendo.

Friday morning: in front of Fnac at Saint-Lazare station, in the 9th arrondist of Paris, a long queue stretches. Composed of a heterogeneous audience, mostly male and rather young, it brings together impatient customers, united by the same objective: to obtain a copy of the latest opus as quickly as possible. famous Zelda saga, named “Tears of the Kingdom”. Highly anticipated, six years after its predecessor, the acclaimed Breath of the Wildit is finally available on the portable console of the Japanese Nintendo, this May 12.

So at 10 a.m., for those lovers of the adventures of Link and Zelda, the opening of the doors of the Parisian boutique has something of a liberation: that’s it, the last step has been taken. The excitement is mounting: in the entrance to the store, some grab a copy of the game, others a flocked Nintendo Switch in the colors of the saga born in 1986 from the inexhaustible imagination of the Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto. The majority of those present waste no time, and take the escalators directly: far-sighted, they have pre-ordered the game, and go directly to pick it up at a pick-up point. A long queue forms. One by one, the players retrieve the grail: anxious when brandishing their essential barcode to obtain their package, they then smile with all their teeth as they head towards the exit of the store. The end of six years of waiting, marked by a sigh of relief.

In the queue, some joke, others exchange anecdotes about their experience with the Zelda saga. “Everyone ends up with the same box, I love it!laughs a twenty-something, observing the almost uninterrupted stream of people leaving the store, a package under their arm. At the checkouts, a little further down, a young adult, looking worried, sees her credit card refused by the machine. Will she be able to leave with the game? “I’ll be fine, calm down ma’am“, reures her, smiling, a salesman. And to show, next to him, a large pile of anti-theft plastic boxes covering the games before they were purchased. Each is a remnant of a sold copy: “Do you see all this? And we’ve only been open 10 minutes“, he is surprised.

These scenes were repeated elsewhere in the world, as lovers of the adventures created by Nintendo were finally able to get their hands on a copy of the game. For the most pionate, events were organized by the firm in several cities, such as New York: in the Nintendo store of the metropolis, the very first copy was thus sold at midnight directly by… the president of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser. A sign of the importance of this series for the Japanese publisher. In Tokyo, AFP reported long queues in front of shops early in the morning.

In a store in Tokyo, this Friday morning. RICHARD A. BROOKS/AFP

At Nintendo’s New York store at midnight. ED JONES/AFP

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Queues at midnight, disappointment for some unlucky ones

In France, some distributors had decided to open in the evening, at midnight, to allow the most impatient to begin their adventure in the kingdom of Hyrule as soon as possible. This was the case of Micromania-Zing: rue de Caumartin, not far from the department stores, several dozen people were waiting for the opening of the store, greeted by applause. “These are games that accompanied me all my childhood, all my life, until today“, explained to AFP a student present in the line, Emilie Sastre. “It got crowded from 10:30 p.m., and we closed at 4 a.m.“, rejoices with the Figaro a representative of the chain of stores, seeing it as a “marker of the success of the launch at Micromania“. However, the group does not yet provide sales figures.

A really big weekend»

Same happy observation on the side of Fnac-Darty: Thursday evening, several dozen people waited, shortly before midnight, in front of the Saint-Lazare shop, in order to be among the first to lay their hands on the precious cartridge. The aficionados “responded very present, when we had barely communicated on this operation, believes the group’s multimedia and gaming director, Charlotte Micault. It is difficult to estimate how many people were there, but it is in the thousands. At 1 a.m., 150 people were still waiting“, she says.

The group expects avery long weekend“, sales having exceeded “all [ses] expectations“: 80,000 pre-orders were registered Thursday evening, and the brand hopes to sell more than 20,000 additional copies. The results of the first weekend should therefore exceed 100,000 cartridges.

However, some unlucky people will have to be patient: on social networks, customers who have pre-ordered the game are showing their disappointment when they learn of delivery delays from various sellers. “Pre-order my Zelda game so that in the end Fnac sends it the day before and the package remains in the sorting / transit center at La Poste… So I will have it late“, annoyed a user. “What is the point in this case of pre-ordering if it is to have the game after everyone else?“adds another. “We have done everything we can to ensure that the “day one” is really honored. We know how important it is for our customers“, answers Charlotte Micault, for whom he was able”happen that there are some small hiccupson all pre-orders.

Fans can be reured: despite high expectations, no shortage is to be expected for the moment. The game thus remains in stock at major retailers, such as Carrefour, Leclerc or Amazon. It is also available in digital format. Similarly, Micromania dismisses the scenario of out of stock. Given the very high level of pre-orders, the reseller has obtained large volumes upstream. For its part, Fnac-Darty ensures that it does everything to supply its shelves as well as possible: at the Saint-Lazare store, a carrier was sent on Friday “to be sure that the fans find all“A copy, notes the multimedia and gaming director of the group. At the beginning of the week, if the craze continues, “there may be a day or two of beating“, depending on Nintendo’s deliveries, she also points out.

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