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Quentin Faure, Deborah Krey, Nathalie Cerda and Guillaume Cramoisan (from left to right) interpret a marginal brigade in search of the identity of unidentified bodies. © Sofie GHEYSENS – STORIA TELEVISION – FTV

CRITICAL – Award-winning at Series Mania 2022, the fiction of Olivier Norek, captain of the judicial police in Seine-Saint-Denis, returns for an even darker season 2.

Do you think you are Clint Eastwood? The next step, you shoot in the back? Is that what today’s police are?“, asserts Lieutenant Ferrer to his superior after the arrest of a small thug. This brief exchange, in the second episode, sets the tone. The new season of invisible, thriller from France 2, is tense. Like the previous one, broadcast a year ago, it is also packaged, dialogued, embodied.

Baroque cops

Well packaged because it goes to the end of the sordid investigations carried out by the “invisible”, this marginal brigade, made up of baroque cops, whose legitimacy is constantly called into question by the other groups of the police station. Dialogued because its characters, the main ones as well as the secondary ones, enjoy a freedom that is clearly as close as possible to the reality of the daily life of the police. Embodied, finally, because the actors, from Nathalie Cerda (Captain Cantoni) to Guillaume Cramoisan (Commander Darius) via Deborah Krey (Lieutenant Lacorderie), take obvious pleasure in digging into their roles.

Violence against women

Close to polars way gears Where braquo, The Invisibles is a sensitive series in which each chapter addresses the question of the human in a world in the process of being dehumanized. In fact, she is interested in all of her characters, but also in old age, love, precariousness, ill-being, violence against women, massacred childhoods, the traumas of each and to breathless trades, including that of the police.

Olivier Norek knows something about it. Novelist and screenwriter, he is also a police captain and works to tell a daily life whose harsh reality needs no amplification. “We would sometimes almost want to water it down“, he notes. This particular series goes even further in that it gives an unprecedented importance to its victims. So many remains whose trajectories he meticulously traces. So many culprits whose profiles and motives he questions again and again. This double point of view adds thickness to the program.

Vidocq Prize

These invisibles do not exist in the organization chart of the French police. Just like Vincent Verneer’s group of Everyone lies, dedicated by the Ministry of the Interior to so-called “sensitive” cases, says Olivier Norek. However, the real is of all the scenes and all the plans. A real of the human in its relation to the world, to the other and to death. It is this, I believe, that drives me“, he confides. As such, his novels, like his series, use the sociopolitical force of the genre while playing with its formal mechanisms.

Last March, at Series Mania 2022, a jury, made up in particular of members of the internal security forces, awarded the Vidocq prize (best police fiction of the past year) to the series. The Invisibles succeeded Laetitia, an excellent thriller inspired by the Laëtitia Perrais affair by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade.

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