the leader Oyonnax surprised in Vannes

the leader Oyonnax surprised in Vannes

Undisputed leader of Pro D2 Oyonnax lost on the field of Vannes this Friday evening, with the score of 17 – 7.

Vannes took his revenge against Oyonnax. Beaten dry 56 – 7 in the first leg, this time it is a precious 17-7 victory that we manage to glean from the Vannetais this Friday evening on the occasion of the 24th day of Pro D2.

However, everything had not started very well with 7 points conceded in the 6th minute and the transformation of Justin Bouraux following the test of the 2nd Australian line Tom Murday. But this Vannes team has resources since it did not collect any more points until the end of the meeting and by registering 17 points to win. The reaction was not long in coming, four minutes after the test at Oyonnax, it was the 3/4 wing Gwenael Duplenne who responded with a test, transformed in stride by Maxime Lafage, before a test of penalty awarded to locals 12 minutes from time.

Vannes 8th can now dream of playing the climb to the Top 14 even if the path will be long and difficult. But the Vannetais will be able to reassure themselves by saying that they are the team having collected the lowest number of points from of the leader this season. A great performance on which the Bretons will have to rely in the future.

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