The Lyonnaises want a quick resolution of the broadcast concern of the Women’s World Cup

Three days after winning the 16th title of champion of France in the women’s section of Olympique Lyonnais, the players of Sonia Bompastor resumed training on Wednesday afternoon, with light heads. Not yet quite focused on the World Cup, since they still have a D1 match to play, Saturday against Reims. Some internationals who should play the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand this summer (July 20-August 20) made a page in front of the media to discuss the tournament. They expressed their hope to see it broadcast throughout Europe, where it has not yet found a broadcaster in some countries.

To date, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and even England do not have one, even if the situation should quickly settle down in the last two. “It would be very sad if we couldn’t see the tournament here, said Danish striker Signe Bruun. Not being able to see this World Cup would be a big loss for Europe, and for women’s football in general. I really hope they find a solution. »

At the beginning of May, Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, was threatening. “To be very clear, it is our moral and legal obligation not to undersell the Women’s World Cup, he ured. Therefore, if the offers continue to be unfair, we will be forced to not broadcast the Women’s World Cup in the European Big 5 countries.”

“It’s important that everyone in society is able to watch the World Cup”

Sara Däbritz, German midfielder for OL

According to the authority, the offers in France do not exceed 5% of the sum paid for the men’s World Cup (130 million euros), when, in Italy, they do not even reach 1%. “Women’s football has entered a new era, we must follow, take the right wagon,” said French striker Eugénie Le Sommer. I would have preferred that we talk about the World Cup in another way, not because the TV rights have not yet been awarded. They have to be. » Germany’s Sara Däbritz is more diplomatic than his teammate in selection Alexandra Popp, who had scolded Infantino.

But the speech remains the same on the bottom: “It’s important that everyone in society is able to watch the World Cup, depending on the environment. A few weeks before its debut, we don’t have a broadcaster, it’s not good. I hope people will have the opportunity to take part and celebrate this great competition. »

Sara Däbritz with Germany during Euro 2022, against Denmark (4-0).  (M. Borsari/AFLO/SPORTS PRESS)

Sara Däbritz with Germany during Euro 2022, against Denmark (4-0). (M. Borsari/AFLO/SPORTS PRESS)

Norwegian Ada Hegerberg, who has lived in France since 2014, wants to be confident. “It is impossible that there is no arrangement to broadcast the matches on television, claims the 2018 Ballon d’Or. I heard the president (Gianni Infantino) who talked a lot about money, that it was not enough. Is it really all about the money all the time? I’m wondering. We have to find the best solution for everyone’s benefit. The huge World Cup figures in France show that the desire to watch it is there. »

Like Infantino, Canadian defender Vanessa Gilles takes a firmer stance than Hegerberg and does not want to see the competition sold out. “Broadcasters need to do more, insists the former Bordelaise. FIFA is trying to sell the World Cup at fair value. Selling her anything less would be a disservice to women’s football. »

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