The Maison Carrée of Nîmes, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site: an economic boon

Nîmes (Gard) experienced a beautiful evening this Monday evening after the UNESCO World Heritage listing of the legendary Maison Carrée. “It’s a very emotional moment. We receive hundreds of messages. UNESCO is an important marker for distinguishing us through the cultural offerings of the south of France. Obviously, tour operators will be even more interested in us, particularly for international customers. And there will be a resurgence in terms of attendance,” exclaims Fabrice Cavillon, the director of museum of Romanitylocated next to the monument.

“Thanks to this registration, the city will be able to shine even better throughout the world. Particularly with an erudite and cultivated clientele,” estimates Jean-Bernard Falco of the Maison Albar hotel group, owner of the legendary Imperator less than three minutes on foot from the columns of the Maison Carrée. A hotel that hopes to welcome more American, Chinese and Pacific travelers.

Opening of two hotels

The authorities are betting on a bright future, with two 4 and 5 star hotel projects, while waiting for the opening of a convention center in the wake of the museum. “Other investments are expected to properly accommodate visitors,” adds a Nîmes actor.

Pride also at Edeis, the company which operates the arenas (359,000 visitors), the Magne tower (125,000 visitors) and especially the Square House (155,000 visitors), which expects an increase in attendance, without however changing the particularly strict visitation gauges.

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