The Man Who Whispered in Jean-Baptiste Poquelin’s Ear

CRITICAL – At the Théâtre du Lucernaire, this play tells the story of a young boy of today who finds himself accidentally immersed in 1656, in the troupe of the Illustrious Theater. A lively and joyful spectacle.

Paris, January 15, 2022. When the shy Léo (Geoffrey Palisse) – medical student and apprentice actor – auditions in front of the director Charles (Grégoire Bourbier), he is overcome with dizziness and finds himself, his head upside down, full of dreams, immersed in 1656 in the heart of the troupe of the Illustre Théâtre de Molière, in Pézenas. Leo is crazy about the author of Tartuffe , he knows his every line at his fingertips, in other words he feels a little at home with Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. Leo has Moliere in the blood.

As a backdrop, a circular wooden platform that will serve as a trailer, stage, backstage and other things. Hired in the troop as a cook, groom, coachman, props man, Léo lives a strange waking dream all the more so – time travel obliges! – that he knows the end of the story, but he will be careful not to change it. Thus he breathes Molière’s verses even before he puts them down on paper…

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