The manufacturing secrets of Vuarnet gles

Published on Nov 19, 2023 at 2:00 p.m.

We know the story… Founded in 1957 by a ski champion (Jean Vuarnet) and an optician (Roger Pouilloux), the Vuarnet gles brand owes its popularity both to the quality of its mineral lenses and to the personalities who wear them. – by Alain Delon in The swimming pool (1969) to Daniel Craig in James Bond – Spectrum (2015). The brand, which became a “Living Heritage Company” in 2017, continues to manufacture its models in the historic Meaux factory (1,500 m²).

In the workshops of the Vuarnet factory in Meaux.

In the workshops of the Vuarnet factory in Meaux.©DR

“To create the Legend pair made famous by actor Jeff Bridges in ‘The Big Lebowski’ in 1998, explains Thierry Bouché, technical director at Vuarnet, we use our famous mineral sun lenses. A natural and recyclable material with remarkable optical properties and used in particular in the manufacture of high-precision instruments such as binoculars or microscopes. Our lenses are polished, cleaned and checked before moving on to the shaping stage using our digital cutting machines, then to anti-reflective treatment. Finally, our team of fitters embles the spectacle frames with our lenses. » In total, from polishing to the final bezel, it took 10 days of work and around ten craftsmen.

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