The media learned the details of the destruction of two Leopard tanks in the special operation zone

Two German-made Ukrainian Leopard tanks were destroyed by fighters of the Western Group of Forces of the Russian Armed Forces using artillery and Lancet loitering ammunition. A scout from the First Guards Tank Army told RIA Novosti about this.

“The enemy planned to inflict fire damage at night, using foreign equipment. They moved to firing positions. As soon as they occupied the lines to inflict fire damage, we immediately opened artillery fire,” the scout explained.

The incident occurred in the Stelmakhovka area in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). The first tank was hit by artillery, the second was disabled after being hit by a drone – the explosion damaged the Leopard’s tracks, it tried to escape, but got stuck. As a result, the crews abandoned the tanks, which, according to the Russian soldier, are poorly suited for use in this area.

Subsequently, both tanks were finished off with the help of Lancets, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to evacuate expensive German equipment, but it was disrupted by artillery fire.

On September 22, the Russian Ministry of Defense, in its daily update on the progress of the special operation, reported that the Russian army had destroyed two German Leopard tanks. On September 23, it became known about the destruction of another Leopard tank of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but the crew of this vehicle consisted of Germans.

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