The Minister of Health advises Élisabeth Borne to no longer vape in the hemicycle

This is a little advice, from one colleague to another. Asked about the stubborn habit of Élisabeth Borne who regularly uses her electronic cigarette in the hemicycle of the National embly, the Minister of Health, Aurélien Rousseauwas understanding but still advised the Prime Minister not to do it anymore.

During the week, MP Caroline Fiat criticized the tenant of Matignon for vaping while she presented the new LFI motion of censure against the government. “Here, we write the law, (…) we are not above the law. (…) Vaping in this chamber while I am talking to you is total contempt,” she said.

VIDEO. An LFI deputy lectures Élisabeth Borne who vapes in the National embly

At the National embly as well as on various public occasions, the Prime Minister regularly uses her electronic cigarette, which has already earned her criticism from opposition MPs. But in this specific case, the Minister of Health tried to defend Élisabeth Borne.

Stop showing “smoke or cigarettes”

“When we are in a motion of censure, when none of the deputies – or almost none – who tabled the motion of censure took the trouble to come, when we have a speaker who is extremely aggressive with the Prime Minister , at the same time I would advise him not to do it anymore (vape), and at the same time I understand that it is a rather unpleasant moment to go through,” declared Aurélien Rousseau, on the set of the show “ Dimanche en politique ” on France 3.

“Vaping in the embly, moreover, is not authorized, I believe, according to the regulations of the National embly,” added the minister, who was Élisabeth Borne’s chief of staff for a year. in Matignon. “But I also invite everyone to see the violence of the comments that can be made at these times of motions of censure,” he insisted.

“I actually think that we need to get out of the habit of constantly showing smoke or cigarettes. Afterwards, we are in a very different subject: for example here, we have a former smoker (the Prime Minister) who, to wean herself off, uses vaping. My struggle, particularly with young people, is that those who offer them colorful puffs, with tastes, etc., don’t make them fall into cigarettes “, he explained.

The National embly will debate Monday evening a bill on banning single-use electronic vaping devices (“puffs”), after a unanimous vote of deputies in committee. “I don’t put things exactly on the same level, even if obviously I remind the Prime Minister of good advice,” concluded Aurélien Rousseau.

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