The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed measures to support repatriation to Russia

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia proposed measures to support repatriation – additional to the already existing program for the resettlement of compatriots. It is proposed to legislate the concept of “returnee”, and the relocation process itself will be greatly simplified.

The draft decree is published on the official portal of normative legal acts. In it, it is proposed to consider former citizens of Russia living abroad at the time of February 24, 2022 – the beginning of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, as well as those who were born or lived in the territory of the RSFSR during the Soviet era, and their descendants.

They plan to immediately issue a residence permit in Russia, byping the stage of obtaining a temporary residence permit, and do not require ping an exam in the Russian language. The document emphasizes that compatriots living in so-called “unfriendly countries” should be exempted from the mandatory confirmation of Russian proficiency, because the language exam can “cause them to mistrust Russia.”

According to the program of resettlement of compatriots, persons who wish to return to their historical family receive compensation from the state for all duties and transportation costs. They also have the right to a one-time payment of “uplifts”, a monthly allowance for six months, and housing subsidies.

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