The Ministry of Transport is considering the issue of extending the service life of cars without modernization

The Russian Ministry of Transport is considering a new procedure for extending the service life of railway cars, which will not be limited to modernization alone, deputy head of the ministry Valentin Ivanov told reporters.

“We see not a rigid ignment of the igned service life and no possibility of its further extension, but the possibility of extension with appropriate measures to confirm the quality of the products,” T quotes him as saying.

Today, the service life of cars can only be extended through modernization. In addition to this, the Ministry of Transport also wants to introduce the possibility of certification and testing in order to confirm a certain period during which the car can still be used without the modernization itself.

The standard service life of cars now ranges from 22 to 40 years, depending on their type. For gondola cars this is 22-32 years, tank cars – 32 years, and for platforms – 40 years.

Earlier in April, experts warned of an increase in rental rates for cars against the backdrop of a decline in production coupled with a slowdown in the transportation of goods across the Russian Railways network, Vedomosti wrote. By the end of 2023, they can grow by 18–27% in annual terms and reach 1600–2100 rubles. per carriage per day they warned the State Transport Leasing Company. In 2023, State Transport Leasing Company expects an increase in the volume of railcar purchases by 16% by 2022 to 55,000 units.

Later, VTB Leasing analysts estimated that by 2030, about 200,000 cars on the Russian Railways network will be written off in Russia due to the end of their service life. Operators will have to spend at least 1 trillion rubles to replace them. As RBC sources noted, by 2030, 237,000 cars will expire, which is 18.3% of the listed rolling stock fleet on the Russian Railways network. Most of them are gondola cars (114,000 units), tanks (53,000) and platforms (26,000).

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