the misunderstood testimony of a guest of “Do not touch my post!”

Eden, model, came to testify in “Do not touch my post! » September 5, 2023 C8 screenshot

Tuesday evening live on C8, Cyril Hanouna addressed the subject of “Barbie Botox”, this trend reinforced by the success of the film Barbie which consists of using injections to have the same neck as the doll.

Since a few weeks, social networks largely echo the “Barbie Botox” , a particularly harmful cosmetic surgery operation which aims to obtain the same elongated neck as the famous doll from Mattel. To achieve this, patients are injected with large doses of botulinum toxin in the tzius muscles located at the base of the neck. A practice prohibited in France which has gone viral on TikTok since the success of the film Barbie with Margot Robbie.

To talk about this trend in ” Do not touch My TV! » Cyril Hanouna had invited plastic surgeon Sidney Ohana and a young woman, a professional model, named Eden. The latter said that she had recourse to this operation several months ago, long before the film Barbie make it a trend, influenced by his professional entourage. “We enter a perfectionist spiral where we always want to be more”confided this young woman of 24 years suffering from dysmorphophobia.

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“I’m never happy with the result, I can’t define perfectionshe added. Dysmorphophobia is the fact of not seeing yourself as you really are. When I look in the mirror, I don’t think I’m beautiful. » When Cyril Hanouna wanted to know if his guest was happy, Eden answered with emotion that it was not “not really the case”. This very sincere yet touching testimony has been the subject of many criticisms from malicious viewers on social networks.

“Years of bullying at school, among other things…”

“Surge of hatred not possible towards me after the show, I have never seen such atrocious comments”wrote Eden on Wednesday morning on his Instagram account. “I don’t think anyone understood the purpose of my intervention. I said explicitly that I had been badly influenced. I tried to warn about the consequences of dysmorphophobia. I fell into a trap because of my past that I did not mention on television (years of bullying at school, among others) which led to behaviors that can be perceived as dysfunctional. But why judge at this point, hidden behind the screens, when I had the courage to come and testify about my experience? That beats me… “

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