The moment of the murder was viewed second by second

Images of 25-year-old Kemal Akköse, who was working in a roasted chickpea production workshop in Denizli’s Serinhisar district, were shot dead with a gun. The moments when the murder suspect came to the side of the young man who got into his vehicle and shot, and escaped were reflected in the cameras.

Selami AYDIN


Images of the murder of Kemal Akköse (25), which is alleged to have been committed in connection with the murder of two young people in Denizli’s Serinhisar district, have emerged. Kemal Akköse, who left his house to go to the roasted chickpea production workshop on the morning of 10 August, was killed by an unknown person with a hunting rifle after he got into his car.

It turned out that the murder in Lower Neighborhood, Middle School Street was recorded second by second by the security camera of a workplace in the region. In the footage, it is seen that the murder suspect, who was waiting for Akköse to get into his vehicle, ran up to him and quickly drove away from the scene after shooting through his side window.


On the other hand, it was claimed that the murder suspect Ş.H. (22) who was taken into custody for allegedly being the perpetrator of the incident, made a discovery in the region for three days before the murder and covered his face with a scarf to avoid being recognized during the incident.

As part of the investigation, 19-year-old Hasan Akköse’s mother, AK, and father, who had been murdered before, were detained in the district. While the mother and father were arrested on charges of ‘killing and instigating bloodshed’ on the grounds that they were the instigators of the murder, the murder suspect Ş.H. He was also arrested for ‘premeditated killing’.


One year before the incident, Hasan Akköse (19) and İsmail Yalçın (17) were killed in another murder committed in the district, and the bodies of the two young people were thrown into a water well. It was revealed that Kemal Akköse, who was killed in the second murder, was the brother of Mustafa Akköse, the suspect of the previous murder.

The mother and father, whose son was killed, hired a hitman and had the murderer's brother killed.You may be interestedThe mother and father, whose son was killed, hired a hitman and had the murderer’s brother killed.

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