“The Mother” on Netflix: Jennifer Lopez plays courageous mothers

Ex-soldier in Afghanistan, sniper, survival expert, the “Mother” – we will never know her name – later dabbled in the sale of weapons of war, before deciding to betray her employers the day she discovers that they are also involved in human trafficking. Especially since she is pregnant, of the works of one of her two bosses – there too, we will not know more.

While she is swinging everything at the FBI, the hideout where she is is stormed, all the policemen killed except one, while she is seriously injured. However, she gives birth to a little girl, Zoe, whom she is obliged to entrust, given the threat hanging over her, to a foster family. But she follows her childhood from afar and, the day Zoe is in danger, the “Mother” is quick to react…

Jennifer Lopez heroine of an action movie, you had to think about it. The actress and singer, known for her romantic comedies, has however often dabbled in the genre from its inception, with for example “Anaconda, the predator” in 1997, or “The Cell” three years later, two productions with a high adrenaline content. However, this is the first time that, in her fifties, she has embarked on such a physical project.

Credible in its action sequences

Because in “The Mother”, which settled on its release, at the end of last week, at the top of the Netflix ranking, J.Lo runs after bad guys, shoots them, stabs them, breaks their arms or legs … A number of scenes also take place in the Far North, supposedly Alaska (in fact shot in British Columbia), with its share of cold, snow, ice. But Ben Affleck’s regularcertainly doubled during certain crucial scenes, holds the shock and proves to be credible in its sequences of action.

“The Mother” does not however rise to the level of the standard meters of the female action film with fights and big popsicles, such “Goodbye forever” (1996) with Geena Davis, “Atomic Blonde” (2017) with Charlize Theron, even “Trapped” (2011), with Gina Carano, three actresses much more athletic than Jennifer Lopez. However, the latter does not demerit, and it is even she who captures all the light during her scenes with two yet charismatic actors, Gael Garcia Bernal and Joseph Fiennes, who voice the film’s villains.

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The Mother », American action film by Niki Caro, with Jennifer Lopez, Joseph Fiennes, Lucy Paez, Gael Garcia Bernal… (1h55)

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