the municipalities are asking for more credits for the “Macron plan” for local sports facilities

It is the price of success. The “Macron plan” for the creation-renovation of five thousand local sports facilities, announced in October 2021, less than three years from the Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP), meets with such an echo with the municipalities that the state funds allocated to it appear to be insufficient.

This is the message that local elected officials have just conveyed to the government. “We made an alert point with the Ministry of Sports and the National Sports Agency [qui gère ce projet] because the programmed budget volume will not be sufficient. We are waiting for the answer »explains Vincent Saulnier, the secretary general of the National Association of elected officials in charge of sport (Andes).

The “Macron plan” benefits from 200 million euros in credits over 2022 and 2023. It was launched because the preparation for hosting the Games reminded us of a reality: inequalities are strong in the country as soon as it it is a matter of access to sports practice, and this is due, among other things, to a lack of sports facilities – coupled with a pronounced aging of the existing stock.

According to a report established at the beginning of October by the National Sports Agency, “85 million euros” were paid to co-finance (between 50% and 80% of the total amount) 2,089 pieces of equipment intended to be freely accessible, whether they are multi-sports facilities, fitness areas or even skate parks , or basketball courts of three players against three…

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Andes argues that demand will increase because “the scope of this plan has been extended” and “many communities will also mobilize in the coming months”.

Initially, the system was only targeted at so-called deficient territories, priority neighborhoods for urban policy and rural revitalization areas. At the request of communities, it will be open, in 2023, “to all territories”.

A bonus “so that it’s less gendered”

At the end of the year, which will be the occasion for an initial assessment of the plan, the Andes also estimates that” special attention “ must be focused on two points: the type of equipment financed and that of the users.

“In the first wave of financing, there is a lot of multi-sport equipment, of the City stadium type, and little more specialized equipment [terrains de basket 3×3 ou de hand 4×4, terrains de badminton ou de padel, pumptracks pour le VTT et BMX, bassins mobiles de natation…]. We will therefore have to increase this specialization.notes Vincent Saulnier.

The other challenge will be to ensure that the equipment installed by the municipalities is less oriented towards a male audience than it is currently. “It’s actually quite gendered and it’s a subject that we carry”explains Vincent Saulnier.

The observation and the request for an evolution on this subject are also shared by the Association of French departments, where it is recalled that one of the challenges with these local facilities is that they be accessible to as many people as possible, starting with young girls.

One solution, suggests Vincent Saulnier, could consist of setting up “a bonus” at the level of funding granted by the ANS to future files relating to local equipment “to make it less gendered”.

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