The Museum of Seu Julius

Next Monday, the 29th, the Júlio de Castilhos Museum, an institution linked to the State Secretariat for Culture (Sedac), will complete 120 years – it is the eighth longest-lived in Brazil. On that date, the exhibition “At 120 – our history” will open in the original entrance hall of the house that belonged to Júlio de Castilhos and family.

coin makers

For those who have 15 different currencies like Argentina, creating one more with Brazil is easy. It will be difficult to honor commitments without changing the rules of the game, as only happens with the neighboring country. Even more so since President Alberto Fernández is “balanced but not falling”. Provisionally.

great monkey

Electronics manufacturers Samsung (R$ 1.2 billion credit with Americanas) Semp (R$ 70 million), LG (R$ 52.8 million) Lenovo (R$ 31 million) and Dell (R$ 37 million) are some of the retailer’s suppliers pointed out by UOL. There’s a closet for so much skeleton.

swamped cow

The agreement for a gas pipeline with Argentina in the Vaca Muerta region with BNDES resources is highly contestable. The price is very high (US$ 500 million), and could be invested in clean energy in Brazil. Just to help this strange mix of leftist-Peronism, shale exploration is done by injecting water with chemicals into the subsoil.

These experts…

At the time of the first oil shock, in 1973, experts on the subject said that the world would only have oil for 20 years. It’s been 20, 39, 59 and Saudi Aramco says we’ll still have oil for decades to come.

Speaking of reservations…

… at the time, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Petroleum, Sheikh Yamani, assured that the last drop of oil would not be spent on cars, but on petrochemicals.

Lula’s coup

In Argentina, Lula said that the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff was a coup d’état. So, it’s good for him to talk to the ministers of the STF, the Federal Justice and the National Congress and then arrest everyone.


… never believe anything until officially denied. (Claud Cockburn, English journalist)

From bijuja to rump

About the gaucho habit of using dick instead of real. When the guy asks for 10 “real”, he says “lend 10 dick”; when he needs 10 thousand he says “borrow 10 dick”. In the 1980s, “rump kilo” was used for significant amounts. In the 1950s, it was “bijuja”. Banks spoke of “herbal medicine”.

death on two wheels

The statistics of traffic deaths involving motorcycles are chilling. EPTC figures show that in 2022 there were 75 deaths and, of these, 45.7 were bikers. Just see how they behave in traffic to understand.

The bone that nobody lets go

One can understand the frustration of the senator who was not re-elected, Lasier Martins, for what he suggested and was never able to carry out. Among them, the return from prison after a second instance conviction, which is a disgrace, Senate moralization and changes in the choice of STF ministers. The system does not let go of the bone.

Working out gives

Farroupilha is present with 29 exhibitors at the National Fashion Industry Fair (Fenin), in Gramado. Traditionally known for knitwear, Farroupilha created a concept stand at the fair – funded by the city hall itself. Exhibitors’ expectations are positive.


The City Hall of Capital purchased a device called Luca for Samu, which performs heart massage non-stop, with the right pressure and in an orderly manner on patients. The human being gets tired, the robot does not.

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