The National Rally is struggling to establish itself in big cities

By Paul Laubacher

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There have already been attempts to attract an urban electorate very far from the RN. So far, this has not had the expected effects. Jean-Christophe MARMARA/Le Figaro

DECRYPTION – Jordan Bardella has set himself the objective of reinstalling the RN in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, with a view to the municipal elections of 2026. He also knows that his party is starting with a disadvantage: the absence of a frontist incarnation in these three big cities.

Can you be elected to the presidency of the Republic by only collecting 5.54% of the votes, in the first round of the presidential election, in Paris? This is the score that Marine Le Pen achieved in 2022. In the second round, it was barely better: she only had 14.89% of the votes, crushed by Emmanuel Macron and his 85.11% in the capital. This question will haunt the “natural” candidate of the National Rally (RN) and Jordan Bardella by 2027.

The RN on its heels and in regression

The party’s scores in the three major cities of France, Paris, Lyon and Marseille, provoke, at the same time, concern, resignation and a little anger, among the frontist executives. “In reality, we are even in electoral regression in one of these cities”notes, full of bitterness, an RN strategist.

The numbers speak for themselves. In Lyon, in 2022, Marine Le Pen obtains 8.99% in the first round. This is barely better than the 8.86% in 2017. In Marseille, the results are much less catastrophic, but well below the average…

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