The NBA recognizes the All-Star Game needs to change

The NBA recognizes the All-Star Game needs to change

It was the worst basketball game ever played! Denver coach Michael Malone didn’t mince words after the last edition of the All-Star Game (February 20). The coach, fond of defense, did not appreciate this show, which has sorely lacked intensity over the years. Mark Tatum, deputy commissioner of the League, reacted to such criticism on the microphone ofESPN : “ There’s no doubt we need to watch the All-Star Game and make some adjustments and continue to make sure it’s an entertaining product for the fans. »

If the NBA has not yet worked on the issue, it must obviously take into account several factors. The players’ organization is one when approaching this gala match at the heart of a regular season with more than 80 games. ” At the same time, we must be careful. It’s an exhibition game, so we don’t want players getting hurt. It’s something we’re looking at and having conversations with players about things we could do differently next year. “Said Mark Tatum, Monday in Dakar, on the sidelines of the Basketball Africa League.

Business goals met

As powerful as it is, the American Basketball League must stay in the nails financially. And, for that, what better than to have the best players of the Championship in the same room to compete? ” This year we had a record number of fan engagements on social media (1.75 billion). The match was broadcast in 214 countries. It’s a match with the best players in the world, but there are also commercial objectives. This is our biggest event to welcome marketing partners and from all over the world “, he concluded.

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