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Olives and olive oil, whose prices increased in Greece, became the target of thieves


The new favorite of thieves: Olive oil

While there has been an increase in the prices of olives and olive oil, the production of which is expected to decrease by nearly 40 percent this year in Greece, these products have become among the new targets of thieves.

In the news in the Greek media, it was reported that thieves exaggerated the situation, entered the olive groves, and attempted to steal the olives by picking them at midnight.

In the news, it was stated that thieves entered an olive grove in Euboea, laid special covers under the trees and set up a simple carrying mechanism to steal the olives they collected.

After a local resident reported it, the video that Anthidonas Deputy Mayor Kostas Karvunis went to the scene at midnight and shot was shared on social media.

Realizing that the theft attempts were noticed, unidentified people fled the scene, while the olives they collected to steal and the materials they left behind were also featured in the video.

Olives and olive oil gained great value after the sudden decrease in production in Greece this year due to drought.

On October 3, 37 tons of olive oil were stolen from the warehouse of a cooperative operating in the Halkidiki region.

It was determined that the damage suffered by the cooperative was over 370 thousand Euros.

A liter of olive oil, for which demand has increased from abroad due to the decrease in production in Italy and Spain, is sold in markets in Greece between 11-15 Euros.

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