the new outgrowth of Obscure Cities pays homage to Jules Verne

THE COMIC INTERVIEW – While waiting for the installation of a monumental Nauti-octopus sculpture in Amiens in 2025, François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters feature the biomechanical creature in an album evoking the engravings from Hetzel editions.

Since the release in 1983 of the unforgettable Walls of Samaris, the saga of Obscure cities of François Schuiten And Benoît Peeters has continued to grow and push the boundaries of the medium. This sprawling world, mirror of ours, is today deploying a new growth: The Return of Captain Nemo, tribute to Hetzel editions by Jules Verne published on October 25 by Casterman. An event for fans of the series including the previous episode, Memories of the eternal present, dated from 2009. In the meantime, its designer announced that he was stopping the comic strip… But is this thirteenth volume really a comic strip? We will discuss it during the double interview – conducted by telephone in two installments then merged here – that the creative duo granted to Figaro.

LE FIGARO. – The Return of Captain Nemo arises from a sculpture project in Amiens, town where Jules Verne lived for 34 years…

François SCHUITEN. – Initially, it started with a request to develop the station square…

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