“The Nun, the curse of Saint Lucia”: horror in Tarascon

“The Nun”, film released five years ago and which fitted, like this sequel, into the abundant “Conjuring” universe (now nine parts on the clock, including three “Annabelle”), had succeeded, with its very clic story of demonic possession.

MeToo having been there, the fact that the main character was female had undoubtedly contributed to the success of this small budget, little appreciated by the critics, but praised by the public. The 1.4 million spectators who enjoyed the film in France will therefore be happy, this number 2 takes place here, and more precisely in the good town of Tarascon, in the 1950s!

Horror fans will be delighted

The evil nun, in fact a demon, Valak, having borrowed the trappings of a nun, and seen in the previous opus, is now rampant in the historic town of Bouches-du-Rhône. In particular, she causes the carbonization of a priest who had previously tasted the joys of levitation, before being at the origin of some mysterious phenomena in a girls’ boarding school where, luckily, everyone speaks English.

Sister Irene, the nun heroine of the first part, is dispatched to the site, all cornet in front, and leads the investigation. She is still played by Taissa Farmiga, sister of Vera Farmiga who we remember as one of the pillars of the “Conjuring” trilogy. The world is small…

More rhythmic and a bit more violent, this film once again holds its own, and will delight fans of horror which also doesn’t go too far. A good point to put to the credit of the director, Michael Chaves, who is on his third foray into the “Conjuring” universe, already author of the very successful “Conjuring: under the influence of the Devil”, two years ago.

Editor’s note:

The Nun: the curse of Saint Lucia “, American horror film by Michael Chaves, with Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Storm Reid… (1h50).

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