The old woman, how is she?

The TCE-RS put its technicians in the field to operate the Laboratory for the Analysis of Road Works to verify the state of the “old road” to the beaches, an initiative conceived by the President of the Court, Alexandre Postal. It aims to compare the work carried out with the parameters set out in the bidding process.

Pocket, poor pocket

President Lula promised to exempt from taxes those who earn up to R$5,000, a loss of R$100 billion. It would correct an injustice. But, Fernando Haddad says exactly the opposite, in reducing discounts. The impression one gets is that this time the boss doesn’t take it. Middle class, get ready.

everyone loses

In this mess of the Americanas balance sheet, those who also lose are the accountants and auditors, serious categories, who strive to do the right thing, a good reputation now scratched.

If fashion catches…

… states like Maranhão, Pará and Maranhão are charging 1.5% on the volume of grain transported by trucks. Soy people are outraged and are going to court.

Take it, give it here

Production Costs (IICP) accumulated a deflation of 9.55% in 2022. The Inflation Index of Prices Received by Rural Producers (IIPR) increased by 10.36% in the same period. It’s the traditional “one on the harpsichord and the other on the horseshoe”. The data were released by Farsul.

protector in the cracks

Panvel Solar reformulates its line of sunscreens, already on sale in stores and on the network’s digital channels. The brand invested in innovative formulas and added new items to the portfolio.

Notice to Browsers

The 10 largest US airlines have warned of the imminent activation of C-band 5G mobile phone services. The companies fear that Verizon and AT&T, scheduled for today, will disrupt the navigation systems of planes, especially those used in bad weather.

don’t forget us

The superior courts seem to delay as much time as possible the denunciations of new prisoners and lawsuits about the riot of January 8th, with the right to headlines and covers. We are already on the 25th. For the government it is good, while inflation and, mainly, the cost gallop.

city ​​scenes

The gambler arrives at the ticket office of the lottery agency and plays his game. About to give the change, the attendant asks if he doesn’t want to enter the Mega Sena pool.

– I can’t. I have to pay the plumber.

Brazilian gives explanation even for those who don’t ask for it.

Has begun

The subversion of the Portuguese language. Agência Brasil talks about elected parliamentarians. Soon, we will be able to watch deputies, ministers and variations, unfortunately for the last flower of Lazio. Nothing against these groups, but they could leave Portuguese out.

invitation to harm

Public transport companies in the Capital like to make losses, unless the system compensates. On non-collector lines it’s a festival of backdoor entrances or people ducking under the turnstile or handing the TRI card to someone outside through the window. Overwhelmed, the driver cannot take care of everything.

The Pillar of Mercosur

The single currency between Brazil and Argentina was the idea of ​​the herman ambassador, promptly rejected by Minister Fernando Haddad, who now defends it enthusiastically after the boss thought the idea was good. Maybe they’ll come up with a name like “gaucho”, pronounced like “gautcho”. Pila no, dick comes from the leader of the Liberator Party, Raul Pilla.

only in our

When Brazil makes an agreement with bankrupt countries via BNDES like Argentina, whose reserves don’t have dollars even to buy a pot of dulce de leche, who marches if they don’t pay is the Brazilian taxpayer.

Bad thing

It will not be surprising if there are significant delays in the payment of IPTU due to the end of the printed bill. With it, the taxpayer has a physical presence, while with the digital one he has to go to him. We tend not to remember unpleasant things like taxes.

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