the outstretched hand of the founders of Teract to Daniel Kretinsky

By Mary Bartnik



From left to right: the founders of Teract, Xavier Niel, Moez-Alexandre Zouari, and Matthieu Pige, in November 2020, in Paris. Jean-Christophe MARMARA/Le Figaro

DECRYPTION – Xavier Niel, Matthieu Pige and Moez-Alexandre Zouari call on the Czech to join their project.

thatit seems a long time ago when Teract could dream of taking control of Casino’s distribution activities In France. For three weeks, the ambitions of the company born of the alliance between the InVivo cooperative, the majority shareholder (76%), and the Spac, created by Xavier Niel, Matthieu Pige and Moez-Alexandre Zouari, are in fact opposed to those of Daniel Kretinsky.

To prevent Casino from suffocating under the weight of its debt (6.4 billion euros), the Czech billionaire, who owns 10% of the group, offered its CEO and main shareholder, Jean-Charles Naouri, an increase capital of 1.1 billion euros. He himself would bring 750 million, and Marc Ladreit de La Charrière, close to Jean-Charles Naouri and shareholder (2.6%) of Casino, 150 million euros. Key element of the project: the capital increase is conditional on the abandonment of 3.6 billion in debt: the creditors will have to choose between selling it at a knockdown price or converting it into capital. Casino would change…

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