The Padre Chagas wheel is back

The Padre Chagas wheel is back

After exhausting and prolonged trips to countries where there is snow or beaches that gather most of the GDP of Rio Grande do Sul, the circle of Z Café on Rua Padre Chagas, in Moinhos de Vento, returned to the work of saving Brazil and part of the world. Competence they have to spare.

the rain dance

An atmospheric “river” will advance through the interior of the continent and favors frequent rain in part of Rio Grande do Sul, according to MetSul. It’s going to rain frequently on the western border of the state, what a shame for years with a lack of rain and now with a hell of a lot of heat. Literally.

Not here

The governors of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema (Novo), and of Mato Grosso, Mauro Mendes (União Brasil), announced several measures to contain land invasions by the MST. As Governor Mauro Mendes says, the idea is zero tolerance. Here, Governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) has already warned sailors that he will not tolerate invasions.

Changes in Gramado I

The Laghetto hotel chain did not feel the drop in hotel occupancy in Gramado in December. That’s what the chain’s founder, Plínio Ghisleni, revealed to the Gramado Notícias program. In the businessman’s view, some more qualified hotels in Gramado exaggerate in the year-end price and, therefore, there was a reduction in occupancy.

Changes in Gramado II

That’s it and a little more. It is not new that people talk about hotels in the city with even more expensive rates than cities like New York. So, yes, there are controversies if the city doesn’t need to stop opening hotels and even stop growing. What has changed and has changed a lot is the vocation. Gramado became a huge amu*****t park.

With good intentions…

…hell is paved, the saying goes. The number of deforestation alerts in the Amazon broke a record in February, according to data released by the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe). It’s not like a taxi that shouts “stop” and it stops right away.

Congratulations to you

Chopp Stübel completed 54 years of glorious existence. Mr. Norton Lenhart’s chopp bar, now parked at Rua Mariland, 431, in front of the Military Hospital, is one of the few that remain in the Capital. Changes in behavior, hectic life and the like have practically extinguished them. Bar chopp is a lifestyle.


Just as you watch TV, now TV is watching you.” (Seth Haberman, CEO of Sense Education)

The strength of the chicken

Galeteria gives money? If managed well, a lot. The Di Paolo group, commanded by Paulo Geremia, earned BRL 100 million in 2022, serving 1 million meals. It all started in 1994 with Giuseppe Posto Per Mangiare, in Garibaldi, in the Sierra.

we out

The Planalto Palace threatens not to pay amendments to parliamentarians who signed a request for the creation of the CPMI on the January 8 acts. Senator Humberto Costa (PT) said that Lula (PT) himself “will invest heavily” against the CPMI. What is Lula afraid of?

minus two

Minister Edson Fachin, of the STF, responded to the request of the Attorney General’s Office and filed an investigation involving senators Renan Calheiros and Jader Barbalho, of the MDB. The matter was an unfolding of Lava Jato for alleged payments involving state-owned Transpetro.

Like a tsunami at sea

Every tsunami begins with an almost imperceptible wave on the surface of the sea, although below it it reaches great speed, as the depth of the sea becomes less. When it arrives at the coast, it is that destruction. It all has to do with the SVB crash and Signature Bank intervention.

big girls in trouble

As if they were dominoes falling one after the other, now it is Magalu that is in the hot seat for alleged irregularities in commercial practices at Magazine Luiza. And that’s bad for everyone.

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