The pass of two for Grenoble, Rouen and Cergy-Pontoise in the first round of the Ligue Magnus play-offs

The pass of two for Grenoble, Rouen and Cergy-Pontoise in the first round of the Ligue Magnus play-offs

At 24 hour intervals, the big cars of Ligue Magnus have again defeated their opponents in the second opposition in the first round of the play-offs. Grenoble, Rouen and Cergy-Pontoise will travel for matches 3 and 4 and will have the opportunity to conclude their series to reach the semi-finals.

Easy Rouen against Amiens: 5-0

The day after its clear victory (5-2) over Amiens, Rouen again won well (5-0) against the Gothics, to take the break before moving to the neighboring Somme. The Dragons made the difference in the first third unlike Tuesday when the two teams remained silent.

Thanks to two penalties early in the game, the Normans were leading 2-0 after 7 minutes thanks to goals from Joris Bedin and Christophe Boivin, who had already scored the day before. Finn Niclas Lucenius drove home the point in the last minute of the first period to give the Dragons a three-goal lead. The Rouennais completed the evening with two additional goals in the last third to win well in front of their home crowd without their goalkeeper losing a single time.

Grenoble restores order against Mulhouse: 5-1

Jostled by the eighth in the regular season on Tuesday (3-2 ap), the Burners of Wolves recalled their status as regular season leader by banging their fists on the table (5-1). The Russian Konstantin Makarov intended to disrupt the plans of the Isérois by scoring after only 40 seconds at Polesud.

Kyle Hardy, who had scored the goal of deliverance in extra time 24 hours earlier, revived Grenoble by equalizing with a superb goal six minutes later before Damien Fleury gave his team the advantage at the end of the first period. In the second act, Dylan Fabre went there with his double and Brent Aubin signaled himself with the sixth and last goal of the evening (5-1).

Cergy-Pontoise off Gap: 5-1

Embarked in overtime when they led 5-2 on Tuesday, the Jokers had imposed themselves in sudden death thanks to a goal from Anthony Rinaldi (6-5 ap). Wednesday, the Parisians made the task much easier at Aren’Ice with doubles from Théo Gueurif and Aaron Miller. Rinaldi also scored in the last minute of the first period. Les Rapaces de Gap saved the honor at the end of the meeting by Bostjan Golicic but will have to show more on Saturday in front of their audience at the Alp’Arena to hope to qualify for the semi-finals.

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