“The players individually disappointed me enormously,” laments Urios (Clermont)

“The players individually disappointed me enormously,” laments Urios (Clermont)

ASM manager Christophe Urios. PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

The manager of the ASM pushed a big rant against his team after his defeat in Montpellier.

Christophe Urios (head coach of Clermont, beaten 34-6 in Montpellier):”I’m disappointed with the game. I didn’t think we could have a game like this. We were very heavy physically. Were we impacted by the Toulon match? In the second half, we lost our minds. We did things that I haven’t seen since I’ve been here. We were never in the game. At fifteen against thirteen, we had to score. We weren’t lucky to score. We were impatient like cadets. I see impatience. I do not see a solid collective. We go in all directions.»

We are not at the level»

We’ve made three trips, three zero-point trips. We are not on the level. He lacked a lot of things, commitment, intelligence, precision. We weren’t a team on the pitch like in Lyon in the first match. The players disappointed me individually, enormously disappointed. I didn’t say much in the locker room. We had pointed the finger at four players opposite. When these players walk around all afternoon, it means that we haven’t done the job. It’s a costly loss. We bring back injured and suspended people. We are never able to control the game and bring something back.»

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